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Are you interested in finding out more, and helping out? We are looking for assistance in many areas.  If you have some free time and an interest in history, science, technology, IT, communication, research, culture, anthropology there might be a job for you! Would you be interesting in helping the steering group with tasks such as website updating or emailing?  researching history?  or even being part of the steering group itself?

We would love to hear from you if you can help at all.  Please get in touch via our facebook page or email address


Following a bit of a hiatus over the summer, the steering group will be taking a major step in the weeks and months ahead with the compilation of a Written Scheme of Investigation (WSI).  This pivotal document draws on the Project Design conceived in the early days and the many questions surrounding the basic timeline and phases of occupation of the castle.  These are now augmented by the exciting survey results from our collaboration in the spring with Nosas (North of Scotland Archaeological Society) which has amazed us all with newly revealed features not evident in Beaton’s original survey in 1883.  This WSI will underpin a future excavation bid and associated permissions and funding applications.